Poweful Advertising: the Human Connection

Recently I watched a documentary called “Under our Skin”, about Lyme disease. Doctors and patients were interviewed, and hearing them speak about their experiences was probably more moving and engaging than if I’d read about it. The documentary structure of movies and the testimonial format of TV commercials has extended to web and video. I’ve noticed more and more websites with spokespersons. People spend more time than ever on the computer, but a human connection is easier to relate to. Spokespersons are a natural way to accomplish that. DDA is frequently asked to add spokespersons to an existing website, create a new website with spokespersons as the central focus, or create an instructional video with an individual(s) talking about a company’s services or products. And all of this can be done in house, from choosing one or more of DDA’s actors from our online portfolio, to creating a script, to the video creation and web design. Visit DDA’s portfolio to see many examples of how spokespersons can be integrated into your web or video project.