Print Production

Here at DDA, we like to believe that we have a very good process in place when it comes to the design and production of print projects. Most recently, we have been designing a 2009 calendar for a pharmaceutical corporation.

Today we received a pre-press color proof of the calendar and we are quite excited about the finished product. While a pre-press proof is not printed on the quoted paper stock, it is nice to see a piece as it is intended rather than looking at a computer screen.

As part of our process, a member of our copywriting team will proof the piece one final time. Then we wait for a response from the client. They should have received their proof today as well, and we just need them to review and send back our approval form that was emailed to them by their Project Coordinator this morning.

Should the client have any questions or concerns at this time, we will address them in a timely manner as we have been throughout the process. Once we receive a signed approval form, we will notify production to release this project for press. After that, it is just a matter of days before the final pieces are delivered to the client and DDA receives our samples.

That is when we reach an ultimate feeling of joy. Knowing that we have completed another custom project for a client.