Programming is one aspect of our business that I think I will never be able to grasp! Sure I have worked in the code of a site when using Dreamweaver to tweak a thing here and there but mention JavaScript or Coldfusion and my eyes tend to glaze over. I have had my run-ins with a few PHP files over the years and have dealt with their unusual layout in Dreamweaver, but for me, html files are the best to work with.

I have a lot of respect for the programmers here at DDA. They speak their own language and have the task of reading through code that looks like a whole bunch of nothing to the average person. Our programming department handles such projects as intranets, extranets, crm tools, e-commerce shopping carts, powerpoint generators, stock tickers, news feeds, locality finders, and technical support.

So rock on DDA Programmers, you guys are amazing!