Proofreading Habits

As a Search Engine Optimization Specialist at DDA, a search engine marketing company, my day is full of website optimization for the most part. At any given time I am using my trusty friend, Dreamweaver, to implement search engine optimization elements into websites enrolled in our SureThing Optimizaton Program. Each step that I take will increase the rankings of websites in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

There are times when I am asked to switch gears and proofread a calendar design, business card or a sell sheet. So I take my fingers off of the keyboard, wrap them around a pen and start proofing away. I often find myself proofreading when I am not at my desk; it can be very annoying. The other day we were out to breakfast and I caught a misspelled word on the menu. Sometimes it seems that I can’t just read anything without proofing it.

I even “proofread” the display scanner when I make a purchase at a store. I did a lot of holiday shopping this weekend, and I mean a lot! I caught mistakes in three stores!! Good thing that I am always proofing, even when I am not working at a website design company near Philadelphia.