“Public is the New Social Norm”

Yesterday Facebook introduced their “Open Graph” platform that will allow users to integrate their favorite websites and web apps with their existing account. So, now instead of just being able to “like” your favorite company’s Facebook page, you will be able to “like” their website. Also, if programmed to do so, a vendor’s website will be able to pull your personal information from your Facebook account to personalize their site to your tastes.

For example:

Music discovery engine Pandora is undergoing elaborate integration with Facebook, which will allow the engine to suggest artists based on bands/artists that you “like” via your Facebook account. They will also include a list of your Facebook friends with similar music taste and share their playlists with you.

There is a variety of plug-ins that can be added to your company’s website that could show all types of Facebook features, such as chat. The programming for this was developed to be easy to implement, with a single line of HTML code for each plug-in you want to incorporate. This is another link back to your website, as well as access to your users like never before. The possibilities are endless.