Pulling Together the Loose Ends

There is always something that needs to be done at DDA. There is rarely time to stop and relax (though every now and then you just have to). Of course, clients are priority and we work to exceed their expectations. Last week and this week have been filled with DDA updates. We have launched three websites for our newest divisions: DDA Apps, DDA SEM, and DDA USA. We have also been updating the blue bar found on the right side of the DDA Corp and DDA Medical websites to incorporate links to these divisions, all while the DDA Video crew is getting ready to shoot the video sequence that will be integrated with the DDA CMT site.

On top of this, I am creating new pages that will act as index pages for everyone’s blog posts and running SureThing ranking reports. Oh yes! and I have some optimization to implement for a client before next Thursday and coordinating production of the print projects in order to meet fast approaching deadlines.

This seems like a lot, and it is. Usually I work a diligently as can be to get as much as possible complete before we leave for the weekend on Thursday and I pick up where I left off Monday morning. This week is slightly different since I will be away on vacation next week, I need to get all of the top priority items completed before I leave on Thursday to make any further updates easier for everyone else while I’m away.