Punctual Personality

Time rules my life. I seem to do everything at the same time everyday. I am always on time if not early… and on time to me means at least 5 minutes early for any event. So when someone tells me that they will be at my house at 8:15 a.m. to pick up my daughter for “take your daughter to work day,” they get a phone call at 8:14 a.m. seeing if it will take more than one minute to show up.

Ten minutes later, I am mentally stressing and seeing how much time left I have to take my sons to school and race to work. Somehow, time was on my side and I didn’t get a single red light on my way to work.

After arriving at DDA, a graphic design company, I sit at my desk, check the clock (of course) and begin my role as Search Engine Optimization Specialist. I check my calendar to see which websites I will be optimizing on each hour of my glorious Thursday.

With our SureThing optimization program, we take several steps each month, and over time this increases website rankings. It is very interesting to see how the work that I do on a monthly basis helps a website climb higher in the major search engines.

I would continue… but I only have 2 minutes until I need to begin optimizing my first website of the day.