Putting Your Sales Force in Overdrive with Gamified Mobile CRM Applications

Virtually all businesses today understand the advantages to deploying Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems: increased information sharing and collaboration, faster and more comprehensive customer service, greater lead generation and conversion, and increased customer retention being just some of these. But up until now, businesses often have a difficult time getting their employees to engage with their CRM software applications. Many have even updated their CRM tools to be fully mobile-compatible, tapping into the growing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend and empowering their in-the-field salespersons with mobile devices in particular. Still, employees often remain hesitant to share their activities, particularly when it comes to updating information in CRM databases. Getting employees to make use of the full capabilities of their firms’ Customer Relationship Management systems remains a challenge.

That’s where gamification steps in. Through the judicious application of game mechanics in the development of CRM software programs, companies can transform the drudgery of mundane information sharing and database maintenance tasks to recreate the excitement of the mobile gaming experience for their employees. A gamified CRM platform can reward employees for the routine data sharing tasks they often avoid, while also encouraging competition through the use of leader boards and badges that can demonstrate as plainly as possible which employees excel at which particular tasks. Whatever behaviors may be desired among employees on the CRM system can be incentivized through gamification techniques, particularly when they are coordinated with more traditional employee rewards as a part of a more comprehensive performance management plan.

Implementing a Comprehensive Employee Rewards Strategy

One of the biggest advantages that gamified mobile CRM tools offer to organizations is that they can directly connect business management, performance monitoring, and employee rewards programs within one central communications hub. A winning gamified CRM business app will allow managers to change incentives for various employee behaviors by adjusting the points/badges/rewards system of the CRM software to best meet current organizational goals. Any changes to these systems found within the gamified CRM experience can be communicated on a central dashboard to all the employees involved, further speeding up the process by which firms set and reprioritize business goals for themselves. This same dashboard can then be used to spell out the concrete employee rewards associated with various points, badges, and leader board positions. As the gamified CRM platform draws more and more attention from employees, it is sure to become an increasingly central method of intra-organizational communication.

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