Quiet Growth

Daylight Savings Time took effect this weekend and spring is just around the corner. The grass is still brown, the sky mostly gray and the temperature a bit too cold to be warming. But underneath the Earth’s surface things are happening.

Seeds are  gathering energy to sprout, bulbs are filling their capillaries and bugs and worms and all manner of creature are moving and eating and depositing and thriving.

DDA has an underground too. Business is a little quieter than normal, clients are a bit more reserved in their marketing budgets and the media continues to tell us all how bad it is out there. Right below the surface, DDA is preparing for the awakening. Looking forward to our normal pace of growth and welcoming the spring with positive attitudes, advanced marketing platforms, bigger and better opportunities and fresh and energized clients by the bushel.

A new DDA Medical website, unlike any other I might add, is just a few short weeks away. An overview video, new blogs, new programming, new portals, new elearning tools, new medical copy writing, new animation, new photography, new illustration, new anticipation, new optimism- all of it new but not new to us. It is our mantra, grow, push the envelope, learn, reach higher always higher.

The growth is the quiet type right now, but it is there.