Rain, Rain Go Away…

Early this morning, around 3:30am, a storm made its presence known. The booming thunder, electrifying lightning, gusting wind, and pouring rain made it hard to ignore.

As Tink, our kitten, jumped into the bed to hide between my fiance and I, we each rolled out of bed to ensure that the windows were closed, the air conditioner was turned on, and that all fragile appliances (i.e. computer and telelvisions) were unplugged. I took a moment to look outside and see the rain flowing down our driveway into the garage and the broken branches in the trees falling to the ground. Then we attempted to go back to bed, but the storm arrived at such an inconvient time and by the time we finally fell back to sleep our alarm clocks started buzzing.

We were up, though dragging along. I made it out the door about 5 minutes behind schedule and was in the DDA parking lot by 7:55 a.m., somehow I still made it in on time. I booted up my computer, only to find that one of my two monitors didn’t want to turn on. That was quickly resolved until I discovered that the settings on that monitor were completely different from how it was set. So I spent a few minutes readjusting everything to the way that I like and then it was time to check my email and get the day rolling.

Today my time will be divided between search engine optimization and marketing, website updates, print proposals, and collecting TRACs so that completed projects can be invoiced in a timely manner.