Rainy Days

Rainy days are here again. It’s been pretty rainy all week and today seems to be the rainiest one yet. We certainly need the rain though since the previous month has been fairly hot and dry. That has left a lot of people’s yards all brown and crunchy with dead grass and pretty much spelled the end of production for any remaining crops. I took a look at our remaining green peppers a few weeks ago and while there were plenty of peppers on the plant, they were starting to prune up and get wrinkly instead of continuing to grow to their full size. A week later we declared the garden done for the season, pulled it up, and mowed it down. It makes me wonder if we had had this rain a few weeks ago, would the remaining plants have yielded more? Would those sad looking little green peppers have grown up to be big and strong and delicious? I don’t know. They may have just given up because they knew the season was ending soon. Either way it was a great garden this year that yielded a bunch of good eats. We’ve already got plans for next year like different items we want to plant, what we need less of, and that we need to buy seeds earlier to get a better brand.

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