Rainy Monday

Over the weekend the weather snapped and it is now quite chilly outside. The clouds and rain are here too. It makes for a rainy Monday, a day where I would much rather have stayed in bed wrapped in my warm blanket. But it is still Monday which means I must return to work at DDA.

My day begins by checking my email, which seems to be never-ending, from the weekend. After that I must remind myself to write my blog – hopefully I will come up with something interesting. After that the day is vaguely sketched out. I know I must run SEO reports and check on the status of our Pay Per Click campaigns to see how they did over the weekend.

I have various website update requests from one of our clients, and inbetween all of this I will no doubtedly receive phone calls from others here at DDA with questions or answers about projects.

A day without that though would be very uncomfortable, I expected it!