Reaching For The Finish Line

To be fair to all cooks concerned, in our family we take turns. This year David and I are guests, we did the honors last year. One little tidbit I would like to share for all foodies (and I confess to being a big foodie) is watch your calorie intake. Turns out, the average American consumes 600 calories more a day between Thanksgiving and New Year. (Shocked me!) That equals about six additional pounds most of us can do without.

So today all DDAers are of two minds. We have deadlines pressing down on us, and an extra short week. So we have to scurry even as we dream of pumpkin cheesecake, pecan pie, and of course that big turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

We are all looking forward to the four day break, but at the moment our teams are busy juggling project parts to create completed works. When you work with DDA on video presentations or a  webcast or a print project, you realize we are greater and better than the sum of our parts!

Kind of like orchestrating a Thanksgiving Feast for 100 guests. But instead of once a year, we make DDA digital music every day!