Ready For New RFQs

August can be an iffy month for businesses, especially those that work in the creative arena. Not too many companies are thinking: new website, or tag line for a new brochure or postcard, or new graphics for the annual Fall trade show.

At Dynamic Digital Advertising, we are are focused on completing several hefty projects, and not just doing “busy work”. That is a blessing.  Since August is also vacation month for several staff members, there is a lot of planning and creative maneuvering to keep projects moving while the lead shepherd is hopefully cavorting in sun and sand. I am proud of how we hand off from one staff member to another. It seems seamless.  What clients do not see is the elaborate string of emails and ccs behind the scene, not that they would care, or should. All  clients need to know is that the project is in good hands.

I for one have a love-hate relationship with August. I’m happy to see the DDA calendar peppered with “out on vacation” weeks, I know we all need that break, and I trust everyone will come back tanned and healthy.  But I am also relieved that soon all the double computer stations will be lit up and humming. These last few days in August, one can feel the business vibe changing. Clients are starting to call with requests. New leads are turning into good prospects and new RFQs, and David and Toni and several project coordinators will soon be very busy juggling research and proposals and conference calls. After Labor Day the NEW BUSINESS YEAR starts, and we are ready!