Real time search

It has already started, not for every result but slowly and ever more frequently you are seeing Google search results that have a real-time result box halfway down the page. This displays real time twitter results (and possibly other feeds) for the term you searched.

Although Social media has been around for a long time now, it’s always been in the shadow of SEO as a secondary matter, as a way to build links and page rank. But now you can’t ignore it any longer, it’s upfront, plain as day, right in the center of your front page Google rankings. Even if nothing else, it really puts an emphasis on the results that show above the real-time box, giving you even more incentive to rank in the top 3 if you want to get found.

It is not yet known, and most likely never will be, as to how Google selects which tweets to display on the page. My guess is it will have a lot to do with how many followers you have. Do you even care if you rank there? Your post will only be there for 30 seconds before moving down, but that could be a crucial 30 seconds.

Whether you like it or not, the fact is real-time search is here, you need to start paying attention to it.