Reality Check

When all the staffers at Dynamic Digital Advertising started blogging, I made a mental note to see how long each of us would  stay enthusiastic. In other words, post something meaningful every day. All of us can attest to how hard it sometimes is to come up with copy that is simultaneously relevant to what we do and SEO friendly. The challenge has been met many times these last few months by several clever writers, including Mick who is involved in website development, is a resource for all things technical, and can use both right brain-left brain skills equally well (no small feat). Then, there is our lead designer, Carrie, who sprinkles interesting family anecdotes in her blog and who always manages to tie those stories seamlessly into what she does for clients when developing a website or a logo or packaging material. Crystal, who carries more than one official title, depending on the hour, wrote about SMOs today. Both informative and entertaining. As was her earlier post this week about virtual trade shows.

Tomorrow, I will cite other memorable posts. But for a moment, I want to ask that those of us who fall by the blogging wayside, please get back on track. Much happens in the ten hours we are together, more happens outside of work. Find some kernel of truth, or some observation, or an aha moment that you can use in your posts. If you keep at it, blogging well can become a real skill, and good content whether it is written by a programmer or a research assistant helps make our website stronger. 

“The future belongs to the things that can grow, whether it be a tree or a democracy.” Kenneth Johnson