A relationship is a great thing to be in if it is a good one. A good relationship means being able to meet the other person’s or client’s needs in order to best serve the relationship. A relationship is only as strong as the people that comprise it. Business relationships typically lose strength as time and energy wears down. Here’s yet another example of the importance of time management. With all things considered, a strong business relationship is one where the seller actually cares about the buyers needs and/or concerns and truly sets out to satisfy those factors in order to have a solid, trust-based relationship.

I’m a strong believer in relationships and how they prosper, and I am especially interested in why business relationships fail. Learning from failures or studying situations that produce repetitive failures allows the smart businessperson to pattern what the causes of the failure were; and then apply them in future situations to avoid a lost relationship. Relationships between coworkers is also vitally important to the business.

Here at DDA, employees work extremely well with each other. There are no office politics, of which I am thankful. When people politicize within a business it can be disastrous to projects and simple tasks. DDA does not tolerate that sort of social behavior. At this advertising agency, client relationships as well as employee equality are among the top priorities; it truly is a pleasure to work here.