Remember To Give Thanks

Today is almost over, and I am just getting to my post. It has been busy, but that’s what happens when you have an extra day of “to dos” as a result of yesterday’s holiday. In the end, your mental check list (I don’t write my personal to do), does not all get checked off.

So what kind of weekend was it anyway?  Not typical. We did not go to a picnic, or eat hot dogs on the beach, or watch a parade. But we accomplished a mountain of tasks (cleaning house, planting perennials, emptying closets for the donation drive, power washing, and, in the end, discovering muscles I did not know I had!)  Oh, I almost forgot, we tucked in a few good walks. The weekend weather was perfect. I would welcome another four-day weekend. 

It was also a sad weekend. On Friday, David and I received an email that Elise lost her Mother suddenly. For close to an hour I just sat at my desk and stared at a blank screen. It is devastating to Elise and her family, and all of us at DDA, starting with her fellow copywriters, and project coordinators as they started Tuesday filled with sadness. It has been a very subdued work day. We miss having Elise here, listening to her hum, watching her jump when a stink bug flies close to her, reading the endless emails that are part of our process as we work with clients. 

This sad day also makes one pause and say “thank you” for the goodness of those around us. Thank you for a staff that cares about the work and the end product, be it a video production, or a trade show graphic, or a website design. We are blessed at Dynamic Digital Advertising to be part of a culture that cultivates the best in each of us. Let’s never take that for granted.