Replaced by a Cup of Coffee

For the past few years, I had my own designated spot on the pages of the DDA website, Yes, that was me wielding a rifle for the Target Your Keywords interactive video game. However, starting today I have been replaced by a cup of coffee. The latest flash interactive game created by DDA is about taking a virtual coffee break with Dynamic Digital Advertising. In this game, you can choose between coffee or cappuccino, add cream and sugar, pick a sweet snack and read about DDA, a website design company near Philadelphia.

We invite you to take a coffee break and read about our digital services that include website design and development, search engine marketing, website improvement, intranet sites, programming, marketing and branding, graphic design, copywriting, photography, video/webcasting, cd-rom/dvd, illustration, trade show displays, large graphics, 3d modeling, animation, virtual reality and more!

Whew, I need a break from typing all those digital services. I think I will go take a break and check out my replacement; at least I know that coffee can’t perform website optimization; then I’d really be in trouble!