Research First

When we begin a new search engine optimized website, the key to success is always in the initial research. There are a few questions we aim to answer as we research topics, trends, and patterns for SEO site:

  • How are people searching?
  • What keyterms are the most relevant, important to target?
  • How large is the competition? How large should the new site be to compete?

These are really just the first questions in a long line that should be answered. The biggest key is of course knowing your audience, and finding out how they search is a significant part of that. The most obvious keyword phrase may not be the optimum keyword phrase, or vice versa. Or perhaps there is a more specific keyword that can (and should) be targeted instead of a generic one. So researching search patterns and understanding how users use the Internet is a big first step in understanding how to proceed. It can truly make or break the site. You can spend a lot of effort trying to target a keyword, but it will do little for you if you have vastly misunderstood how that keyword is used or the context in which people use it.