Today’s consumers are product researchers. For the most part, they know and appreciate the value of a dollar and want to make educated buying decisions. eMarketer predicts that in 2010, 221 million people in the U.S. will be online, about 71% of the total population. Their numbers will continue to grow, reaching 250 million in 2014 – more than 77% of the population. What, you may ask, are so many people doing online? Well, aside from commenting on a friend’s Facebook wall or watching some brainless YouTube video, many consumers are shopping. Whether they are shopping to buy or to compare, they are actively seeking information.

One of the many job responsibilities I have as a search engine optimization (SEO) copywriter is keyword research. Believe it or not, I actually LOVE keyword research! (I know, I’m an odd ball.) Whether the focus of my research is on pain management or jewelry, the reward is the same. I’m able to ascertain the level of advertiser competition for specific terms and compare it to local and global monthly search volumes. If a term is directly relevant, has a very low level of competition and a high number of searches, it’s like finding a rare stone. I yank it from the list and maximize my SEO copywriting efforts to ensure that the terms is used as frequently and creatively as possible while making sure I adhere to proper search engine algorithms so the content I produce isn’t considered SPAM. Aside from finding rare stones, I am fascinated by how and what people search on the Internet. Working with some of our long-term clients, I am able to see search trends come and go and that too is very telling.

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