Resetting The Creative Expiration Date

Wanting to make a more interesting rollover effect for a website I’m working on today, I looked through several bookmarked online links, in my “design inspiration” folder.  Hmm, well, good thing I bookmarked them, because I didn’t remember all of them. And wow, are they good. Suddenly feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of familiarizing myself with and even becoming adept at new software available, or features in the programs I’m currently using that will help me be more creative, I wondered how I make time to fit that in, and if I can keep up with all of the new innovation.

Then I remembered a magazine article I’d recently read, which helped reassure me I don’t have to throw in the towel yet. It is about how the brain changes with maturity. It said that unlike previous beliefs, getting older doesn’t mean a decline in mental ability or enjoyment of life due to other decreases in capability. Memory and processing speed become slower, and dopamine levels decrease, but new findings say that on the positive side, the brain’s hemispheres become more integrated, allowing more complex understanding (wisdom!), increased emotional stability, better relationships, a greater ability to grasp ambiguity, and greater happiness due to philosophical viewpoints that arise from all of these factors. As a result, creative productivity continues into later years and often reaches a secondary peak. I am totally buying into this updated outlook.

This is good news for DDA. No, I don’t mean because I’m one of the oldest people here! I mean the analogy works for DDA as a company, except that we don’t suffer from slow processing speeds. DDA has been around since 1994 (click here to see dda’s timeline), and experience makes a difference in DDA’s ability to streamline projects, to see the big picture, to facilitate great client relationships and clear communication, and to look forward to more success (check out dda Firsts here)  and fun.