Ride the Wave

Google seems to be creeping into all facets of our technology-dependent culture. They are one of the most used Internet search engines. Google has their own communication system that includes e-mail, calendar, documents, and site systems. Google has partnered with a cell phone provider and released the G1 and most recently the myTouch 3G. To add to this list, Google has launched a real-time communication platform – Google Wave.

Google Wave will bring people together like never before. There is a navigation bar that has a sticking similarity to Gmail. There is a contact menu where you can add people simply just by dragging and dropping. There is an “inbox” of different waves that you are a part of, which anyone can add you to a new wave at any time.

Google Wave could be the next best innovative way for coworkers and businesses to communicate and collaborate.Whether a team be in the same place at different times or in different places at the same time they can continually make progress on a project.

So, while it is new and still has some kinks to be worked through don’t be surprised if in the future your communication with DDA with via a Wave!