R.I.P Reciprocal Linking?

If reciprocal linking isn’t dead yet then it’s a rich guy hooked up to a life support machine with some very twitchy relatives near the plug.

At one point, this was an easy search engine optimization technique to get a plethora of links for your website. The basic premise is you link to me and I’ll link back to you. Not surprisingly this doesn’t really offer any value to a website or a user. Taking this into account and the fact that you can easily manipulate this technique to boast your Page Rank, Google has greatly reduced the value you get from these types of links. With that now reduced value, it is no longer worth the amount of effort required requesting and then maintaining these type of links.

Of course I said almost dead there is a way around this using the “Ménage à trois” method:

A links to B, B links to C and then C links to A, but like the real thing, t’s not easy to convince all parties to participate and pull off this maneuver successfully.