Rookie Mistake

I am sure that several co-workers will be walking around bleary-eyed today, including comments about last night’s late-night football game in their blogs. I was up until midnight as well, but have the “advantage” of never having had a full night’s sleep in the past 10 years, so I am used to functioning on 5 hours of sleep on a daily basis.

The play that was talked about all morning on the news as well as replayed throughout the game was a mistake made by a rookie when running in for a touchdown. He started celebrating too soon and threw the ball backwards; the touchdown didn’t count. There were plenty of screams happening at that point in my house, let me tell you!

A major “rookie mistake” that people can make when trying to achieve higher rankings in the search engines is thinking that adding keywords to the meta tags alone will make your site sit at the #1 spot in Google. Simply filling meta tags with words is not enough. Keyword-rich content must be developed and keywords implemented throughout. DDA just so happens to also include keyword rich content development in its long list of services.

Just yesterday, I was asked to add two terms into the keywords for a website designed by DDA that is in our SureThing Optimization Program. As soon as I was asked to add the terms, I asked if there was content including the terms that would also be added to the site. Content will be written by the client and implemented into the website. I will also be adding these new keywords to alt text, header tags and descriptions as well.

It’s OK rookies, sometimes you need a veteran to show you the ropes!