Rushing Equals Mistakes

In the United States, most of us typically RUSH. There is rush hour, the sixty second dash through the fast food place for a quick cup of coffee, communicating through mobile devices, Googling for information and so forth. We move at such a quick pace that most of us are totally at a lost when we have time to ourselves. We need to be entertained. We need constant stimulation. The Saturday movie break is no longer enough. Quiet time has been replaced by hours spent on social media sites.

Yesterday and today, I found myself making unnecessary mistakes (albeit small ones, mistakes nonetheless which take time to correct) because of rushing. (8/21/09, to be continued).

So the weekend came and went, and this stayed in draft form because I was not going to rush just so I could publish. Either on Thursday and then on Friday. Granted, when working on projects our graphic designers, programmers, videographers who collaborate on many aspects of an overall project do not have the luxury of saying “that can wait until tomorrow,” like you can when blogging. But, because we plan carefully through internal meetings and strategy sessions with clients we eliminate that awful feeling one gets when things start to go wrong. Oh, we have our share of anxious moments, but for the most part, we work harmoniously and produce what we must on time and on budget.

A new week begins, summer is almost over, all of us at DDA wait with bated breath for the Fall rush. Bring it on!