Say Cheese!

This weekend my fiancee and I had our engagement pictures taken. I normally would not have done this since we have been engaged for almost a year now, but it was included in our wedding package so I figured, why not? I am a big picture person and am always ready with my digital camera in my purse to snap shots of my family.

Being a search engine optimization specialist, I don’t know much about photography. I mostly just point and shoot and retake pictures when someone is blinking or not looking. There are many options on my camera that I don’t even know how to use. The photographer gave us a few tips on ways to stand and why they are more flattering, mentioned a few things about halo lighting outside that illuminated my blonde hair and talked about having an additional light source to cast shadows, or something like that I think.

He positioned us in a few different poses explaining why each one would look nice. He complimented us by saying that we were an attractive couple with a nice height difference and beautiful teeth, and made us feel completely comfortable while tilting our heads awkwardly and smiling probably a little too much at times. Then when it was all said and done, he transferred all the shots to the computer, quickly clicked through them and sent us off on our way with a CD full of images of one happy couple.

Since I work on websites all day at DDA, a search engine marketing company, I do not get the chance to see what goes on during the photo shoots. Although, at times, I can hear the commotion when dogs are being photographed in party hats. Occasionally, I will see photographers moving lights around and peeking through the lens to make sure everything is lit up perfectly. I am sure no matter what the object, the photographers at DDA make it look fabulous in the spotlight!