Search Engine Optimization Defined

According to an online dictionary, Search Engine Optimization is defined as “the process of choosing targeted keywords and keyword phrases related to a Web site so the site will rank high when those terms are part of a Web search”.

I find this interesting being an SEO Specialist at an award winning search engine marketing firm because I know that there is much more involved; keywords are just the beginning.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just pick your keywords, insert them into your website’s meta tags and just sit back and watch your rankings increase in the search engines? If it was as simple as that, I’d be out of a job!

Choosing targeted keywords and keyword phrases is just one of the many factors included in website optimization. What was once the most important factor to search engines like Google has become pushed aside and considered not as important as content. Content, content and more highly optimized content.

It makes sense that our own website has over one thousand first place search terms in Google, since our site has steadily grown over the years to about six thousand pages! We have writers on staff that are able to generate page after page of keyword-rich content for medical websites, online jewelry websites, manufacturing websites and more.

So if I would have to define the term search engine optimization, I’d would go something like… A process that has been perfected by DDA, an award winning search engine marketing company,  over many years that includes choosing targeted keywords, creating keyword-rich content and several other necessary steps for search engines to rank a website highly in the search engines. These optimization elements are implemented by a search engine optimization specialist that has been making websites rank higher in the search engines for over 12 years.

Hmm… maybe my definition is a bit lengthy and a tad biased…