Search Engine Optimization Specialists

By definition, a specialist is “a person who devotes himself or herself to one subject or to one particular branch of a subject or pursuit.” I guess that would best describe myself when it comes to my job as a search engine optimization specialist.

At DDA, we handle a wide variety of projects from medical website designs and healthcare IT services, to catalog designs and postcard layouts. During my day at DDA, I may proofread one of the aforementioned projects, but for the most part, I am optimizing the websites enrolled in our SureThing Search Engine Optimization Program.

Inreasing rankings and traffic is the main goal when optimizing a site. All of the minor tweaks, submissions and content development is part of a larger plan that will make our clients sites be listed at the top of the search engines.

Contact DDA today, to see how our SureThing Optimization Program can help your website climb to the top of the search engines.