Search Engine Optimization Switcheroo

My fiance and I often jokingly argue about how hard both of our days are and how tired we are by the time we get home. Since he is an electrician, I know that he does much more physical work than I do, often times out in the freezing cold. I understand when he comes home completely exhausted and appreciate everything that he goes through for his family. He often says, “How hard can it be to sit at a desk all day?” Resisting the urge to slap his face (all in good fun of course), I remind him that my work day begins long before I start optimizing websites at DDA, a search engine marketing company.

My Mom likes to remind my fiance that I have a full time job – being a Mom/Wife (coming up so quick, I can’t believe it!), and two part time jobs – working as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist and catering on the weekends.

My “work day” starts the second that I wake up. I don’t have the luxury of waking up, having my lunch packed and ready for me, and heading out the door; taking care of myself only, what a concept.

Each morning is different depending on the mood of the kids that I need to tend to. If they are not in a good mood, then they go against everything I say, get dressed late, hardly even eat their breakfast and tend to stomp around everywhere. This morning was a great morning and everyone was up, dressed and fed in record time. Off to school they went and I am finally settled in at my desk ready to begin my work day as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist.

He has also said that he would like to switch jobs for a week and see how I would feel when I came home everyday. To which I reply, “Hey, you chose to be an electrician, not me; that’s your own fault.” No way would I want to deal with the conditions he works in. I am perfectly happy to be seated at my desk with my nice warm cappuccino ready to start website optimization. One day he stopped by the office and looked at my screen as I was working my magic in the source code of a website. I said, “Do you see why I have a headache when I get home?”

He has no idea how to make websites rankings increase in the search engines. Until we started dating, he hardly ever even used a computer! Meta tag focusing, directory submissions, sitemap generation… he’d have no clue!

Once I leave DDA and am finished the job that I get paid for, I am back in Mom-mode and get to pick up the kids, get dinner ready, run the kids to after school activities, do at least 2 loads of wash, bathe the kids, get the knots out of my daughter’s hair, check homework, read bedtime stories…