Search Engine Struggle

With an upcoming florist appointment,  I have been scouring the internet for that perfect bouquet for myself and my bridesmaids, only to find the same bouquets over and over and not finding that perfect one. I have typed in spring bouquet, daisy bouquet, spring bride bouquet and dozens of other keyword phrases and am still struggling to find the perfect flower arrangement for the big day.

I guess that part of the problem could be that florist’s must not consider content about flower arrangements as an important part of search engine optimization. It would be very difficult for a florist’s website to include content that contains keywords made from the variety of flowers that could make a wedding bouquet. But if you notice when you go to a florist’s website there are not pages and pages of keyword-rich content, there are images of all of the beautiful arrangements that they can make for customers.

If only DDA had conducted the keyword research and our copywriter’s created  keyword-rich content, I know for sure that I would be able to find the exact flowers that I am looking for!