Seeing Double

With the recent move back into my parents house (an effort to save money for a monstrous wedding and nice single home in the suburbs) I am noticing that there seems to be two of everything! I guess this is in part to the fact that I do a lot of things just the way my mom does. Two hampers, two sets of pots and pans, even two refrigerators! We have the same kitchen accessories, bath towels etc. It is taking a lot of “getting used to” living back at home since I have been on my own for six years now. But I keep telling myself that in the end, it will all be worth it.

The nice thing about optimizing websites in the SureThing Optimization Program is that I do not see double.  From flowmeter products to replacement windows, each website’s design is very unique. Whether I’m focusing the meta tags on a cnc machining website or adding header tags to an ammonia distributor’s website, I get to look at a different layout, design and theme that one of our very talented graphic designers has put together. DDA’s website design and development services are second to none.