Sense of Pride

I am a huge Nero Wolfe fan. I love everything about the books including, and maybe most especially, the lead character, Archie. In one book (I cannot remember the title), Archie talks about the immense pride he gets from doing his civic duty — voting. The author, Rex Stout, was very active politically, so it makes sense that his character would feel such a connection to the democratic process.

When I read that line for the first time, I identified completely. My father has lectured me on the importance of voting since what feels like birth. Though he and I now have opposite political views, I’m very much an avid voter and lover of politics. Even though my views are different than his, when we voted in the same precinct, he’d routinely check the book to make sure I’d signed it (for every single election, primary or regular) and if I hadn’t, I was sure to get a call. These days I don’t need prompting, and yesterday when I left the tiny town hall in my small little borough, I felt that sense of swelling pride.

At DDA, we have dedication and commitment too, though in a different sense than the political process. We take pride in every project we create, whether it’s video production, website design and development, or 2D or 3D animation. We never compromise the quality of work we do and are not afraid to tell a potential client no if we feel the project is not a good fit. This doesn’t make us pompous or arrogant, it just makes us better at what we do. When you’re committed so greatly to something, you’re sure to succeed.

DDA measures its success in how our work has helped our clients, from developing comprehensive eLearning platforms with virtual medical simulations, to driving in targeted website traffic through advanced search engine marketing (SEM) techniques. Now, we’re offering our clients an even greater level of support with AppleSavvy, our newest division that’s focused on converting existing sites and developing new sites and Apps that are iPad and iphone friendly.

Being proud of what you do is a great feeling. At DDA we work hard everyday so that we and our clients can take pride in a job well done.