At home, I am Mom or MoooOOOMMMM!!! depending on who is calling me for what. I am the meal-making, homework-checking, teeth-brushing, story-reading, bath-giving, toy-finding, bed-making, laundry-folding Mom.

At work, I am the SEO Specialist. Wow, that’s so much simpler right? Well not really. You could call me the ranking-increasing, meta-tag-focusing, link-submitting, URL-registering, statistics-recording, optimization-implementing, SEO Specialist.

During my hours at DDA, a search engine marketing company, I spend my time implementing website optimization techniques into websites that are enrolled in our SureThing Optimization Program. Each month I go through a website to see what needs to be improved to help the site achieve higher rankings in the search engines. The coveted number one spot in main search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo cannot be attained overnight. It takes time for the search engines to update their indexes and to reward your site with higher rankings.

Once the top spot for a specific term is yours, the work is not done. In order to keep your website ranking in the number one spot, you must continue to optimize your website. Keyword-rich content development is a very important factor in achieving higher rankings. The more content you have related to a specific term, the higher your rankings will climb in the search engines.