SEO Specialist… Hmm… What does that mean?

Last Thursday, my fiance and I went to meet with the priest that will be marrying us a few months. After answering many questions about our relationship and watching him jotting down our information, the conversation came to the question of “What do you do for a living?”

I have no choice but to laugh when someone asks me this question. Mostly because I get the same reaction everytime I tell a person that I am an SEO Specialist… blank stare… Search Engine Optimization Specialist. This is usually followed by, “Oh, what does that mean?” To which I give my speech of how I work on websites at a website design company and make them rank higher in the search engines. It must be nice for my fiance to be able to answer with, “I’m a union electrician” and that’s the end of the explanation.

For anyone who doesn’t need a website to rank highly in the search engines, my job is of little importance. I don’t think that a church website would require search engine optimization elements added to it each month, although this one would definitely need some help; there are no meta tags! But for those who are trying to compete for the top spot in search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo… then I’m your lady.

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