SEO Specialist or Superhero?

My young sons are all about superheroes like Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man right now. They have the schoolbags, the sleeping bags, T-shirts, sneakers and pajamas with their heroes all over them. The other day while I was making dinner, the boys were running around acting like their favorite comic book heroes when my older son started to open a cabinet in the other room that he was not supposed to. I said, “I know that you’re not opening that cabinet right?” I heard that cabinet door close and then he swooped into the kitchen and asked with those big eyes gazing up at me, “Mommy, are you a superhero? How can you see things when you are not in the same room as me?” I replied with what my Mom used to say to me, “Mommies can see and hear everything.” He quickly ran out of the room whispering to his little brother, “She really is a superhero!”

As a Search Engine Optimization Specialist for a search engine marketing company, I also have “superpowers.” I have the ability to make websites rank higher in the search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. Now this is no easy feat. It takes months of implementing optimization techniques to the websites in our SureThing Optimization Program. Focusing meta tags, adding header tags and creating keyword rich content and using keywords in alternate text are skills that I have learned over my many years at DDA.

Now I may not have a red cape waving in the wind behind me or anything, but the rankings speak for themselves. Our website current has 1,553 first place rankings in Google. Check out our website statistics.

I can hear my sons singing my theme song already:

Supermom, Supermom,
Does whatever a mom and dad can
Works on websites, any size,
Makes them rank really high,
Look Out!
Here comes the Supermom.

Is she strong?
Listen bud,
She can carry us both at once.
Can she swing from a thread
No, but everyday she makes our bed
Hey, there
There goes the Supermom.

In the chill of night
She checks on us while in bed
Covers us with our blanket tight
And gives a kiss on the head.

Supermom, Supermom
Friendly SEO Specialist and Supermom
Wealth and fame
She’s ignored
But she was once on a billboard.

Look out!
Here comes the Supermom.