SEO Specialist Plus One

After leaving work early yesterday to take my three year old son to the hospital to have a half-cast put on (He thinks he is Spiderman and likes to jump from the steps… not such a good idea), I have a little helper with me at work today. While he is playing with his… you guessed it… Spiderman toys, I will be finishing up my website optimization that I was unable to finish yesterday.

I have some directory linking to complete, links to add though keyword rich content and  get my search engine optimization schedule updated and ready to go for next month.

So while my website optimization might not be as entertaining as any web slinging that Spiderman does, I will have a mini “web” site specialist to help me increase the ranking of websites in the major search engines. Did I mention that I will be doing most of my work today with a child on my lap and using only one hand? Who’s the superhero now Spidey??