Before I come to work at DDA, a search engine optimization company, I usually give about 4 doses of “Mommy Medicine” to each of my young sons. It’s amazing how the tears can be flowing and the screams can be ear-piercing but with a little TLC and a kiss (which I call Mommy Medicine) on the boo-boo, the little face changes from the shade of crimson back to the normal flesh tone.

When optimizing the websites enrolled into our SureThing Optimization Program, there are also some boo-boos that need to be given a little TLC in order to increase the site’s rankings in the search engines.

Every now and then, there are sites enter our optimization program which we have not designed. Since our website design process sometimes includes pre-launch optimization, the sites that we do not design are, at times, not search-engine friendly. That’s where I come in and spend the first month giving each site doses of SEO serums (hmm.. doesn’t quite have the same ring to it) and fixing all of the optimization boo-boos. I have seen duplicated meta tags and uneditable source codes galore.

Whether its a screaming child or a website looking for a boost in the search engines, all it needs is a little TLC.