Silly Marketing

Apparently the latest rage these days are something called silly bandz. I heard about them a bit ago, but didn’t really keep up with the trend, until one of my younger nieces mentioned them. So the other day in the grocery store, I saw a display full of of these bracelets. For anyone who does not know what these are, they are thin, rubber-band-like bracelets that form into shapes when not on your wrist, like a unicorn or star. Apparently, and I didn’t realize it until after I made my purchase, the bracelets I purchased are not the real thing, but some knock-off. They look like the real thing and they make shapes, so I’m hoping that there won’t be any discernible difference. My nieces are fairly young, so they shouldn’t notice. The real kicker though is, I paid more. That’s right. To get the knock-off brand I shelled out more than I would’ve for the original.

At DDA, we get lots of people who come to us dissatisfied from a previous vendor. Oftentimes they thought they were getting the real thing, like advanced search engine marketing (SEM), leading-edge website design and development, or high-quality video production. Then, partway through the project or at completion, they realize they didn’t get what they wanted at all, and they paid too much.

We pride ourselves on offering high quality custom traditional and interactive marketing and advertising services at modest prices. With our long list of capabilities, including eLearning and virtual medical simulations, Flash conversion and iPad and iPhone friendly development services, we meet all needs.

Unlike a flimsy bracelet that turns into a dollar sign, if you choose less-than-par marketing, you’re going to notice a difference. Don’t take chances; get the real thing. Contact DDA today.