sitemap for my house

January is wrapping up which hopefully means that those of you who did not put your Christmas decorations away yet WILL, and it also means that the days are getting a bit longer, just a bit, and winter is about 2/3 over. Hurray! This is also the time of the year where cabin fever tends to settle in and we battle through the rest of winter indoors by occupying ourselves with a good book or movie, a different recipe or another attempt to clean out yet another closet. Where does all this STUFF come from!!! I almost wish my house had a site map… you know, like a well-optimized corporate or medical website site map. Click on the site map link from any of DDA or DDA Medical’s websites and you will, at-a-glance, find the page you are looking for and go directly to it. With two young boys running around the house and a husband who I’m convinced has “the inability to look for something if it doesn’t jump out and bite him in the nose” I’m constantly looking for something which causes me to rummage through a closet, cupboard or drawer each day. Wouldn’t it be great to click on my house’s site map and find it and its location? Until such a device is invented (don’t steal my idea!) I’ll just have to fine-tune my rummaging skills and prepare keyword-rich site maps for DDA and DDA Medical’s search engine optimized, custom-designed websites that we are known for and which have won unsolicited awards within the healthcare and healthcare IT field.