Size Matters

I recently had a client asking why they do not have high rankings for a specific term in the search engines. They are trying to compete against other sites that have thousands of pages in Google with a website with pages that I can count on my two hands. His site is also still fairly new to the program and we all know how long it takes Google to update its index. After a detailed telephone conversation, he understood that in order to even attempt to compete for this term, his website needed many many pages full of keyword-rich content.

As an example, I explained how our own website, has over 7,000 pages found in Google’s index. His reply was, “Well that explains why you guys come up at #1.” Constantly updating and expanding our website since day one, has allowed our website to achieve some pretty amazing rankings in the search engines. Our reports prove it.

In the David vs. Goliath fight to get to the top of Google, DDA (a search engine optimization company) know the tricks of the trade to have even a small website slowly climb the ladder in the search engines.