Skillful Presentation

It was our last day in Beijing, and we didn’t want leave without trying Peking Duck. Only certain restaurants serve Peking Duck since it needs to be prepared by letting it hang to dry for one day, and then slow roasted. While we waited, I ordered fried bitter melon and drank tea. The duck was brought over and the carver presented us with the crispest, juiciest skin to savor while he continued to slice thin pieces of duck and layer the pieces onto a serving plate. My mouth is watering just thinking about it now. Previously, I’d only ordered duck from Chinatown in take-out containers. Though I’d never eaten peking duck so formally, it was obvious what to do with the side dishes that came with it without any language translations. Dip the duck in the hoisen sauce, add some of the straw-cut cucumbers with a little granulated sugar, wrap in a pancake, and eat.

The skillful dinner presentation added to the whole experience, and that is something we can relate to at DDA. People come to DDA because we know all about presentation. Your website or marketing material is often a first impression for a potential client , and if it’s good, you will stand out from competitors, whether you have a new product to launch, or you want to reinforce your corporate identity. We hope your mouth will water taking a look at our menu of possibilities to improve your company’s marketing and branding strategies.