Slice, Save, Insert, and Repeat

The new year has brought me new opportunities at work. In this first week of 2009, I have learned an extraordinary amount about designing a website. Well, not designing so much but making the design created by our team into a functioning HTML page. I haven’t really dabbled in Photoshop a great deal since my days in high school but it is slowly coming back to me. Slice, save, insert and repeat.

Trial and error has proved effective and I have successfully completed my first website. A slight feeling of accomplishment and now on to the next one, as I am working on a series of five sites. ::sigh:: This is one of the numerous positive things about DDA, they are willing to teach. This is an office of various departments, interconnected in a way that betters the company as a whole. Sure we have videographers, photographers, designers, programmers, and writers but I bet you couldn’t tell who was who from walking through the office.

On any trip through the office you can observe a writer and programmer speaking about the functionality of a website, or an animator working solo on a programming project, the options are endless.