Smart Innovation

Sometimes technology makes things too convenient. I regularly talk to my mom and younger sister, as in some weeks every day, other weeks every other day, at the very most every third day, and the latter doesn’t happen very often. That in itself is not the problem. The issue is this, one of their favorite tricks to play is when I ring them up one of them gets on the phone and the other one gets on another phone in the house 2 seconds later. They know I’m not a fan of the three-way call and do it on purpose whenever they’re both home to annoy me.

The other week I received a call from my younger sister informing me that she’d come up with a great solution for when she goes to college. Mind you she’s going to college 35 minutes from home. The solution — video conferencing. That means she, my mother, and I can all be on the phone together, and not just via voice, but in video as well. I told her to wait for my call.

At DDA, we take technology and innovation very seriously.  We’re always advancing, evolving, and inventing new technologies and capabilities to offer more to our clients. As a full-service provider, it’s very easy for us to grow because we offer so much, including video production, search engine marketing (SEM), website design and development, and animations, so when there’s an advancement in a particular technology we usually have the ability to adapt it to our current offerings. But we’re strategic and smart about it. We would never just start offering a certain technology or capability just because it’s the current trend. It’s something that has to evolve naturally, make sense, and be a worthwhile progression.

The new AppleSavvy division is one example of this. With Flash unable to play on Apple browsing devices, like the iPad and iPhone, we saw a need, and since we have programmers, website architects, animators, and videographers on staff, we could easily offer conversion and new iPad and iPhone friendly development services.

The true hallmark of DDA, though, is our advancement and innovation of new technologies, like our wide variety of interactive marketing services and our cutting-edge training and eLearning techniques, like virtual medical simulations and medical websites.

So, yes, technology can be a pain for many reasons. But at DDA, we’re focused on eliminating life’s little annoyances for you and not adding onto them.