Smile for the Camera

Yesterday I took part in my first video teleconference here at DDA, a  medical website design company. It was very strange to see myself on our computer screen, knowing that the eight other members of the meeting could see every move I made. It was wierd but also cool at the same time. This might sound strange coming from an SEO Specialist that has made an appearance or two on, but I am overly critical of myself and cannot stand to look at myself online!

Yes, that is me wearing several different colors of scrubs as part of the onlivemation video created for

While you are reading about medical website design, medicalwebsite marketing, medical writing, medical print design or any other of our medical services listed, I am standing there amidst a beautifully animated background for each division; pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals and medical device manufacturers.

So if you have always wanted to be part of a medical website, medical cd-rommedical video or medical animation, call DDA and we can make you a star!