Social Media Influence on Language

This morning on my drive in to work, they were discussing the most popularly used words of the year and decade on the radio.With the importance of the Interet growing by the minute, it was no surprise that both terms were Internet-related.  I forget which dictionary listing they were going by, but “tweet” was the word of the year and “Google” was the word of the decade.

It is amazing how social media sites have such an influence on our vocabulary, and how a word that started out as a company name, has become a verb for most people. I find myself saying, “google it” quite often. In the world of tweets, googling, friending and un-friending (which was also a popular word this year) it is nice to see that our copywriters are sticking to the usual language when creating highly-optimized content for websites we have designed.

In the world of search engine optimization, content development is becoming more and more important. As part of our SureThing Optimization Program, we have created paragraphs and content for websites in an effort to not only increase the page count, but also to increase the content, add keyword linked text and so on. So if you are in need of keyword-rich content to talk about your company and its products and services, contact DDA, by phone, email, our facebook page or through our website today!