Social Media Madness

With social media sites becoming the next big thing, it seems crazy when someone you know doesn’t have an account on MySpace of Facebook these days. You can find friends from high school, grade school and family members and let them know what you are up to on a daily basis if you choose. Posting photos and leaving comments on walls and profiles may be taking the place of emails before we know it. And for those that need an up to the minute update of what someone is up to, there is Twitter. Not having “tweeted” myself yet, I am not sure how this site works, but needless to say, people are becoming more and more social by the minute.

We are finding that these social media sites are also becoming more important in the world of optimization and we have started and will continue to utilize these social media optimization strategies. Online communities, social bookmarking sites, discussion groups, blogs etc are all forms of Web 2.0 social media on the Internet.

With all of the search engine marketing and social media services that DDA provides, you should contact us to see how we can make your website more social.