Social Media Optimization

DDA is always progressing at amazing speed. For the past few weeks, I have been trying to gain a better understanding of social media optimization so that I can aid in the growth of DDA SEM. Social media optimization is a way to gain publicity and awareness for your company or product via a variety of forms of Web 2.0 — on the Internet, through online communities, social bookmarking sites, web forums, discussion groups, and blogs.

Currently, I am working on building DDA’s presence. We have recently developed a profile for Dynamic Digital Advertising on along with business pages for two of our divisions (DDA Video and DDA Medical). This is a work in progress and we will eventually have a page for all of the divisions of DDA. Join today and become our friend and a fan of our business pages!

I am also starting to understand social bookmarking much better. Basically, it is just like using your favorites in your browser, only these are available to access from any computer, you just need to login. You can also create networks with other people and they will browse your bookmarks and hopefully they too will bookmark your pages.

To date, I personally have an understanding of and I am working on developing my understanding of other sites such as,, and