Social Media Supports Your Cause

If you haven’t heard about the devastation that Haiti has experienced then you must live under a rock! It is all I have seen over the past days. It is on when I wake in the morning, when I get home in the evening, and when I go to bed at night. On Monday the country was hit with the worst earthquake there has seen in 200+ years. The city of Port au Prince is in ruins, people are injured and homeless with nowhere to turn.

With communication basically non-existent, people here in the United States and around the world have turned to social media to spread the word of their family and friends, to report that they are okay, but mainly to try and find out if their loved ones survived or not.

In the days following the earthquake, sites like Facebook and Twitter have been inundated with messages and pictures of the missing in hopes that it will reach someone who can help. New groups started appearing on Facebook in efforts to bring those affected together. In one instance there is a group that as of Wednesday had 3,210 pictures of missing people and it was still growing.

Fundraising efforts by well-known organizations such as the American Red Cross have taken to cell phone SMS messaging to raise funds to help the victims and it has proven to be the fastest way to do so. Within 2 days they had raised close to $800,000 through this avenue.

Sadly it is in a time of disaster, but social media is taking another step forward. It is the next wave of advertising, so give DDA a call and we can get you on your way to making your presence known.