Social Networking Benefits the Medical World too…

Every year millions of people are given a medical diagnosis that is devastating. Regardless of what the diagnosis may be people are looking for somewhere to turn, someone to talk to, someone who understands. In a time like this, it is a huge relief to have your family and friends there to support you. But they really do not know the full extent of what you may be going through. Reaching out to those with a similar diagnosis can be a great comfort as they will be able to relate.

With the growth of social media in the recent years more and more people are turning to outlets like Facebook, Myspace, and other more specialized sites like Patients Like Me to connect with others who share their condition.

As a medical professional you should be thrilled by the idea that patients are connecting and sharing their experiences. To show your enthusiasm, you could launch your own support application for patients affected by the aliments that you treat.  So, give DDA Medical a call and we can discuss with you the possibilities of building a medical CRM, website, video, or simulation.